1. Milestone and Organization

2. Introduction

 Tiled LCD TV walls have been widely used for their advantages of high resolution, high quality video and alpha-numerical images; low power consumption, thin client dimension, ease of transport and install, low cost, and reliability. However, it suffers one disadvantage:  the tiling seams between individual LCD panels.

 Seamless Technology Inc. has the novel technology to address this disadvantage, demonstrated its prototype which can be mass produced to offer seamlessly tiled LCD displays for desktop applications, large entertainment TVs, meeting room presentation, video conferencing, large advertising and information billboards, and large ballroom displays. 

 We can tile commonly available LCD screens seamlessly to fit the customers’ need.  These displays maintained all the resolution and brightness and image quality of individual LCD displays, while the tiled display with large number of LCDs can show images seamlessly as a whole.

 This technology was developed in Hon Hai Group in 2013.  In 2016, Hon Hai Group and external investment formed Seamless Technology Inc. to commercialize this technology.

3. Application

   Seamless technology can be commercialized and present seamless visual fields to the world. Modularity design for the following applications are listed but not limited. (partial images retrieved from the web)

4. News Latest

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