Unleash the power of ultimate visuals with our state-of-the-art seamless tiled LCD video wall.  Featuring high-resolution display and seamless design, every image and video will come to life with breathtaking clarity and unparalleled detail.  Our video wall is a true masterpiece of technology, designed to impress even the most demanding viewers.  Experience the future of displays today and elevate your space to a whole new level of sophistication and elegance.  Don’t settle for less, upgrade to our premium video wall and make your content shine like never before.

55" 3x3 Video Wall

Difference between w/ and w/o Seamless Technology

24" Triple Screen

55" 4x1 Video Wall

55" 2x2 Video Wall

55" 3x1 Video Wall

Video without Seamless Technology

Video with Seamless Technology

70" 3x1 +1 Video Wall

  LCD has been widely used in tiled wall mount forms for its flexible sizes with high resolution, brightness, and vivid color. The biggest image quality issue is the tiling seam. (Read more)

Traditional tiled LCD TV Wall

 – The Tiling seams between individual LCD panels obstructs the complete image viewing

Seamless TV Wall Advantage

Seamless tiling technology can perfectly eliminate the seams between screens bezel and present the original image of the seam area with high-definition resolution.

    • Faithfully present 100% original pixels without adding any false pixels

    • Simple and standard imaging operating system

    • Saving energy, no additional cooling system is required

    • Low cost and high durability

  – Seamless tiled LCD screens can fit to customer’s wall space, ease in assembly, transport, installation, maintenance and replacement of screens

  – Offer seamlessly tiled LCD displays for

    • Multi-screens desktop monitors, Large home entertainment TVs

    • Video conferencing, Large advertising and information billboards, Large event displays