55" 3x3 Video Wall Demo

24" Triple Screen Demo

55" 4x1 Video Wall Demo

55" 2x2 Video Wall Demo

55" 3x1 Video Wall Demo

Video without Seamless Technology

Video with Seamless Technology

70" 3x1 +1 Video Wall Demo

  LCD has been widely used in tiled wall mount forms for its flexible sizes with high resolution, brightness, and vivid color. The biggest image quality issue is the tiling seam. (Read more)

  The advantages and disadvantages between tiled LCD TV wall and Seamless TV wall are addressed below.

Tiled LCD TV Wall

 Advantage :

    – High resolution and high quality video

    – Low power consumption

    – Thin client dimension

    – Easy to transport and install w/o extra cooling need

    – Low cost and high durability

    – More superior than tiled LED TV wall


   – The tiling seams between individual LCD panels obstructs the complete image viewing

Seamless TV wall

    – Tile LCD screens seamlessly to customized wall space

    – Offer seamlessly tiled LCD displays for

      • desktop monitors 
large home entertainment TVs
      • meeting room presentation displays
      • video conferencing
      • large advertising and information billboards
      • large event displays

    – Maintain resolution/image quality of LCD display

    – Tiled LCD displays show a whole image seamlessly.

    – Ready to demonstrate its prototype

    – Enter the market with mass production capability