Seamless New FO Design

The gaps between FO are greatly reduced and the height of FO are decreased

Left side: FO 2.1 (The width of FO after tiled is 40mm) , Right side: FO 3.2 (The width of FO after tiled is 74mm)

New Development of Fiber Optics with Different Dimension

55" 2x2 H Video Wall (FO2.1mm)

55" 4x1 H Tilt Video Wall (FO1.6mm)

This video itself was not 3D processed, but the viewer will have a 3D perception because: 1) the 20-degree angle between the panels creates a depth of field in the image, 2) the resolution is high enough, and most importantly, 3) the Fiber Optics seamless design eliminates tiling seams which will disturb viewing continuity, resulting in a 3D perception

55" 1x2 V Video Wall / Signage